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Motivation is unique to the person and the environment. What motivates you may not motivate others. Whether it is wanting to be with a certain person for a conversation, eating something that is enjoyable, or playing with a specific toy, motivation is the reason behind some of the behaviors that are seen.

Reinforcement vs. Punishment

Reinforcement increases a behavior whereas punishment decreases a  behavior. With ABA, we work on using differential reinforcement to increase the amount of reinforcement being used. What may be reinforcing to you, may not have the same effect on someone else.

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Kids in Preschool

The Four Functions of Behavior

All behavior has a purpose. The functions of behavior are what is gained through the consequences. These four functions are Attention from others, Access to a tangible or an activity, Escape or Avoidance from something aversive, and Automatic (something the individual can do that is reinforcing to them).
Finding the function can help predict future behaviors and increase the chance of finding solutions to the challenging behaviors displayed.

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