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All services are overseen by a licensed BCBA

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Designed to help increase reinforcement within the environment, ABA has been researched and tested to find ways to increase skills, decrease deficits, and modify the environment to fit the client's needs.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is used to help clients and families engage in psychological flexibility. ACT is based on the values of the individual to help them accept what cannot be changed, commit to the actions that lead towards the values chosen, stay within the present moment, defuse challenging behaviors before they start, and find one's self within the context of the environment used within the parameters of ABA.

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Parent Guidance and Education

Designed to help parents find solutions to the challenging behaviors that are seen. The clinician will help guide the parent or caregiver toward using reinforcing techniques based on applied behavior analysis. The weekly sessions are designed to give you the tools to gain an understanding of the behavior and direct the client towards more socially appropriate behaviors.

Functional Behavior Assessment

All behavior has a purpose. The professional will come to you, ask questions, observe the behavior in question within the natural environment and design a plan to decrease the challenging behaviors and increase alternative behaviors that are socially appropriate for the environment.

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Practicum Experience Hours

Are you in your ABA Master's program looking for a supervisor? Look no further! The BCBA will give you the support and guidance needed to prepare for the exam through behavioral skills training, research, and real-life application.

The Learning Center

Based on the science of learning, the Learning Center is designed especially for you to gain the skills needed to continually grow in school. A Learning Coach works with you individually to pinpoint the areas that need the most work and help you increase fluency in the areas that are needed for academic success. Whether it is getting ready for the next grade, preparation for exams, or working on fluency in math, reading, writing, or other academic areas, we can design a plan that will work for you!

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